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Back in days, all parents thought that Milk Tooth has no importance in a child’s life and

whatever happens to that tooth is not a serious matter to take a look at, until the child starts feeling some pain.

But now it’s changed all parents are understanding the importance of the primary tooth. Get A affordable milk tooth filling in Dwarka.

Why Milk Tooth is Important?

  • They help in the growth of a child’s jaw.
  • Determine the face structure.
  • Maintain the space for permanent teeth in the future.
  • Help child in speech
  • Chewing food properly
  • Overall these teeth affect the child’s lifestyle, maintaining these teeth until the age of 11 years is so important
Milk Tooth

So what to do if your child’s teeth get cavities?

At Park Dental we take care of your child as our own. We want their visit to the dentist to be a fun experience.

  • Removal of infected tooth particle and replacing it with a synthetic tooth material is the treatment for milk tooth cavity
  • Baby teeth fillings are made out of either white composite or GIC. The other filling and crown materials, like gold and ceramic, are rarely as fillings for children.
  • GIC fillings can release fluorides, which will prevent the development of caries in future
  • Get an Affordable Milk Tooth Filling in Dwarka By The Best Dentist.
Preventing the formation of a cavity is the best way, but if the cavity is already started it’s very important to stop it from progressing further you can Read More on Parkdentalclinics 

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