What is Oral Health 

The state of mouth, teeth, and orofacial structures enable individuals to perform essential functions such as eating, breathing, and speaking.

Healthy oral conditions encompass multiple dimensions such as self-confidence, well-being, and ability to socialize and work without pain, awkwardness, and embarrassment.

Ten Common Dental Problems Due to Oral Health

Tooth decay 

Gum disease 

Bad breath 

Sensitive teeth 

Tooth  infection (root canal infection )

Cracked or broken teeth 


Enamel erosion 

Dry mouth 

Plaque and tartar 

As the decay-causing bacteria reach the tooth pulp, it becomes susceptible to throbbing tooth pain and tooth abscess or infection.

To fix a painful tooth, the damaged pulp needs to be removed. This stops bacteria from spreading to your gums and bones.


Treatment Options 

A root canal procedure is advised when teeth can be saved with treatment.

Extraction is chosen as an option when the tooth structure is too damaged to be saved,

or a crack goes beneath the gum’s surface, not leaving enough structure for stability or use after the restoration.


Root Canal Procedure(RCT)

Root canal treatment is a simple technique advised to save broken, decayed natural teeth. The purpose of RCT is to eliminate the infection and reduce the risk of future complications. It prevents the requirement for dental bridges and implants. This treatment is necessary when the pulp, or soft tissue, inside the tooth, becomes infected, which could lead to the formation of an abscess.


Treatment Criteria For RCT

The tooth must have adequate bone support if tooth roots are intact, and if the majority of the tooth structure can be salvaged.


Tooth Extraction Procedure

Tooth extraction on the other hand is pulling all of the tooth structure from the roots to its infected parts.

It happens as a result of crowding of teeth, any disease, or trauma to the tooth.

It is recommended to replace the missing tooth with a bridge or dental implant as soon as possible.

Restoring the missing tooth can save from the following problems:

Misaligned and crooked teeth 

Chewing difficulties 

Jaw and bite problems 

Bone loss 

Speech difficulty 

Tooth Extraction

Treatment Criteria For Tooth Extraction 

It is required when extreme damage or decay happens to the tooth that it cannot be repaired longer. If Visible Cracks on the tooth extend to the tooth base.

Very little is left on the tooth structure to support the force of chewing and masticating and minimal bone support to the tooth that can keep it steady.


Root Canal Treatment Vs Tooth Extraction 

Advantages  of Root Canal Treatment

Simple procedure 

The most effective way of saving a dying tooth 

Restores an infected tooth 

Saves damaged, natural teeth 

This prevents the need for dental bridges and implant 

Removes damaged tissues and blood vessels 

Use of sanitized fillings to replace tooth roots 

Gives protection to weak natural teeth by putting a dental crown 

Dental crowns look and function exactly like natural teeth 

Holds the smile intact 

Do not need many lifestyle modifications 

Disadvantages Of Root Canal Treatment 

Treatment can be costly if the number of teeth for RCT is more 

3 phasic treatment protocol can be time-consuming 

The use of anesthesia can have other side effects on the body’s system 

Having dental care is important to keep your new dental crown in good shape.

Time-to-time check-ups is mandatory 

Continuous dental monitoring to prevent further complications

Advantages Of Tooth Extraction 

Affordable treatment 

Anesthesia is not needed most of the time, but it can be used if needed for a bad toothache or broken teeth.

Professional dental care is not necessary always after extraction 

It gives less trauma to surrounding teeth 

Preserves tooth socket 

Aligns all other teeth in case of crowding 

Disadvantages Of Tooth Extraction 

There will be a complete loss of natural tooth 

Immediate need for dentures or implants to maintain other teeth alignment 

It can be costly in case of many replacements after extraction 

Removing a whole tooth root increases the risk of bleeding.

It can be painful  if the damaged tooth is having any remaining nerve supply 

Facial structure collapse can happen because of tooth loss 

It can lead to temporary speech difficulty 


When a tooth suffers from significant damage, RCT should be the priority unless it is essential to opt for tooth extraction.

The dentist is always in the best position to determine the best possible treatment for the tooth

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