Dental Braces

Dental braces are the one which helps to straighten and move your teeth to make them work or look better.

Additionally, braces enable you to safeguard your oral health over time. In addition, they can make eating easier then teeth are slowly moved in the right direction by braces, which exert pressure on them.

As the pressure builds, the bones in your jaw will change; allowing the teeth and their roots to move.

Dentist recommends the braces treatment depending on your tooth’s case and for best suggestions you must visit Dr Neetu Singh at the  best dental clinic called Park dental clinic in Dwarka sec7 

Components of Braces

  • Archwire: The main wire that connects all of the brackets and directs the movement of the teeth is called an archwire.
  • Bracket:  A bracket is a small ceramic or metal attachment that is glued to the teeth.
  • Elastics: to align the top and bottom teeth, rubber bands are used to exert pressure on the jaw by pulling forward or backward.
  • Headgear Tube: The tube on the outside of the top molars.
  •  Molar Band: The thin ring of metal around the back teeth, usually with a hook for elastics.
  •  O Ring or Elastic Ligature Tie – Tiny clear or coloured elastic bands that hold the archwire into the slot of the bracket
  • Power Chain – A length of elastic bands that join multiple teeth to pull them together.
  • Steel Ligature Wire – They are the second most common emergency appointment because they occasionally unravel and poke at the patient’s lips or cheeks. Although it is made of steel, the steel ligature wire resembles the colorful elastic ties or ligatures.
  •  Spring or Coil: It refers to springs that are pushed between two teeth to create additional space. They can become a little pokey when they unwind or rotate on the archwire.
  • K Hook: It is a ligature tie made of stainless steel that is used to attach elastics.
  • Hooks: They hold elastics between the upper and lower jaws.
  • Separator: A small rubber circle that is inserted between the molars to create a space where bands for braces or appliances like expanders can be bonded.

When should a person use braces?

  • Teeth that meet abnormally or not at all Crowded, misplaced, or blocked-out teeth 
  • Missing or additional teeth Incorrect jaw position 
  • A disorder of the jaw joint 

Before proceeding for treatment you definitely need to consult your dentist first and if you are in or around Dwarka sec7 then Dr Neetu Singh is the dentist you must visit.

Procedure to Apply Dental Braces:

  • The Orthodontic Consultation: Consult your dentist and after checking your teeth and the problem you will get a whole flow of the treatment needed in your case and if you are near Dwarka sec7, then Park dental clinic is the best for you.
  • X-Rays and Record Photos: Before beginning X-ray it is must to get an actual view of the teeth and jaw.
  • The Fitting Application: It is essential to comprehend that each set of braces and each mouth are distinct. Both profile and panoramic images are taken, and they are used by the dentist to decide which kind of braces would be best for the patient. Dr Neetu Singh in Park Dental Clinic suggests the best braces application.
  • Final Phase: A retainer will be given to the patient by the dentist in the final stage of this procedure. The retainer is a removable appliance that helps maintain the new position of the teeth.ortho and braces

Technique to Apply Braces:

  • Once the teeth are cleaned Small rubber bands called spacers are inserted between the back teeth to make room for the bands that will go around them. As your teeth begin to shift as a result of the spacers, you will likely experience some soreness.
  • An orthodontist  begins  placing the brackets once your teeth have been cleaned and dried. The archwire is held in place by tiny ceramic or metal brackets that are attached to each tooth. Your orthodontist will first place a spot of glue in the centre of your tooth before attaching the brackets.
  •  Then, a blue curing light is used to set this glue in place. The bracket itself will then be adhered to the glue and hardened.Back molars will have metal bands placed around them to serve as an anchor, while the rest of your teeth will be adorned with brackets. 

The metal bands will take the place of any spacers that were installed. Orthodontists will first try on a few different sizes of band to find the one that fits your tooth the best. After determining the band’s size, glue will be applied to the inside and the band will be slid onto your tooth. The band will be fixed in place by using the blue curing light, just like the brackets. When molar bands are placed, some patients may feel some pressure or mild discomfort.

  • The long ceramic or metal wire that runs from one end of your mouth to the other is called an archwire. There will be two archwires placed for you: one for the arch on top and one for the arch on the bottom.
  • The archwire will be adjusted throughout the remainder of your treatment to achieve the required tooth movement.
  • One of the most common steps in getting braces is the final step. In this step, you can select the colour of the rubber bands that will cover your brackets. These rubber bands not only let you express yourself in the colors of your choice, but they also help keep the arch-wires in place. And then, if you are getting your braces done from Dr Neetu Singh then she provides some healthy and useful tips on post care that must be taken.
    Ortho and braces

Function of Braces

By constantly applying light pressure to your teeth, braces straighten your teeth. Following the arch-wire, or the wire that threads around your mouth.

Through each bracket on your teeth, this constant pressure slowly moves your teeth into the correct position.

Best Dental clinic to visit

For braces installation, Park Dental Clinic is the best dental clinic in Sector 7 Dwarka Dr. Neetu Singh, the best dentist in Dwarka, will ensure that your teeth are straight by recommending the best options and alternatives for braces and ensuring your comfort during the procedure.

At Park Dental Clinic, Dwarka Sec7, meet Dr. Neetu Singh and get started on the path to healthy teeth and gums.

Park Dental Clinic should be your first choice for all of your dental needs because it uses cutting-edge technology and has specialised expertise. Visit Park Dental Clinic right away!




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