Delayed Tooth Eruption: A Parent’s Guide To Baby Teeth

Tooth Eruption
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What Is Delayed Tooth Eruption? 

Every baby is unique and teething is just like any other milestone. There will be natural differences in the timing of teething from one child to another.

Teeth may come slightly later and this is usually perfectly fine. If the eruption pattern is abnormal or teeth have not come by the age of 18 months, it is called delayed tooth eruption. 

Ideally, two lower front teeth begin to erupt first at about six months of age. Four upper teeth and then the rest of the teeth erupt in pairs.

At the age of 3 years, a child should have a total of 20 baby teeth.


Reasons Behind Delayed Tooth Eruption:

  1. Family trait : Sometimes it is due to a trait that just runs in the family. when a parent and sibling  both have experienced delayed tooth eruption. This is a common cause of delayed teething. 
  2. Genetic developmental disorders : Down’s Syndrome, hypopituitarism, and other genetic disorders impacts physical development. These conditions  slows down the eruption of teeth. 
  3. Nutritional deficiencies : Inadequate nutrition hampers the growth of bones and tissues in children. This happens when babies lacks adequate breast milk or formula milk with vitamins and calcium.Vitamin D-resistant rickets is just one type of vitamin deficiency that causes delayed tooth eruption. 
  4. Premature birth : These babies have a higher risk of delayed growth and development including delayed eruption. Low birth weight babies are more susceptible for developmental delays. 
  5. Fibrosis : It is a condition of having thick gums that prevent teeth from erupting. Thicker gums delays teeth eruption to some extent. 
  6. Hormones : Insufficient hormone production by the thyroid and pituitary glands  affects baby’s overall growth and development. It also results in delayed teething. 
  7. Diseases and medication: Diseases affecting the immune system such as anemia, cancer and HIV compromises overall growth. Certain medicines like chemo and phenytoin are also delaying factors in baby teething. 
  8. Accidental injuries : Injuries to jaw bone damages the tooth buds inside the gums. Empact of injury delays the entire teething process. 
  9.  Impacted teeth : Sometimes teeth  gets stuck in the gums due presence of a cyst. This cyst cause delay in tooth eruption. 
  10. Developmental disorders : It is more common in babies with developmental disorders such as hypopituitarism. Disorder of the pituitary gland (the gland that secretes growth hormones) results in delayed growth and development.


Associated Risk And Complications :

  1. Deformed jawbones and asymmetrical face: Delay in teeth eruption  gradually causes shrinking of the jaw bone. Later shrinking leads to facial sagging. 
  2. Crooked permanent teeth: Delayed eruption of milk teeth obstruct the growth of the permanent teeth. This can cause crooked permanent teeth. 
  3. Delay in chewing food: Late teething makes babies incapable of chewing foods at the right time. 
  4. Hypodontias : it is known as supernumerary teeth. In this condition babies develops  more teeth than the required number. Here two sets of teeth, both the milk and permanent comes up parallelly. 
  5. Cyst formation : Sometimes the permanent tooth gets impacted to the extent of damaging tissues and forming cysts. 
  6. Speech difficulties : delayed eruption of teeth increases babies speech efforts.

Tooth Eruption - Baby Teeth

Is Treatment Needed For Delayed Tooth Eruption?

There is  no as such cure or treatment for delayed tooth eruption. Monitoring  the situation closely  can be helpful in understanding the problem.

Sometimes delayed tooth eruption gives  sign of potential dental problems which requires attention. Especially in case of  orthodontic issues dental advise is vital.

Sometime delayed teething makes it difficult for children to eat a well-balanced diet. Nutritious foods requires biting and chewing. If the child has not developed baby teeth by 12 months, time to see a dentist. 


Signs To See A Dentist :
  • Missing teeth
  • Widely spaced teeth
  • Unusually large or small teeth
  • signs of cavities in baby teeth


Conclusion :  

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