It is uncommon for a tooth implant to cause complications, but it is possible. When a skilled oral surgeon performs the procedure, most dental implant installations are successful and quick. Other factors that can influence the success of a dental implant include the device’s positioning and the patient’s bone tissue health.

When a dental implant fails, it is critical to remove – and possibly replace – it before further complications arise. After the implants are removed, the affected area is repaired. If there is enough healthy bone tissue remaining, a new tooth implant can be placed.


How a Dental Plant is Removed?

  • There are two methods for removing dental implants that are commonly used. One of these calls for the use of a trough bur, a type of cutting tool. This device is used to cut the bone tissue that holds the implant in place safely. Only a small amount of bone tissue is removed, usually no more than 1 mm. That is frequently enough to loosen the implant and allow it to be removed. 
  • The area is cleaned after the implant has been removed. The area will then be examined by the oral surgeon to determine whether bone grafting is required to replace lost bone tissue. In order to prepare for a replacement, the area must be restored. 
  • Some healthy bone tissue may be removed to clear the area depending on the position of the dental prosthetic. The procedure is neither traumatic nor painful. The patent will only feel heat as the trough bur cuts through the bone. 

Do Dental Implants Fall Out?

It is possible for Dental Implants to fall out, but this is extremely unlikely. Dental implants are 95% effective. Implant failure may be caused by improper care and maintenance, or by another factor that prevents the implant from healing properly.

Here are Some Reasons why Dental Implant Might Fail:


  • Low Quality Material: Some dentists use low-cost materials to save money or to charge lower prices. However, low-cost dental implants may end up costing more in the long run. If an implant fails and must be redone, you will be charged twice for the same service. 
  • Improper Implant Placement: If a dentist places an implant in an area with insufficient bone support, the implant may become loose and fall out. This is usually caused by taking shortcuts or using outdated technology during the treatment planning process. 
  • Smoking: Osseointegration is the process by which bone and implant fuse together. It takes about 3-6 months for the bone and implant to fuse sufficiently to form a strong foundation for your prosthetic teeth to function like natural teeth. Smoking disrupts this process in a variety of ways. The smoke burns the oral tissue, causing damage to the gums and bone that hold the implants in place. 

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Taking Care of Dental Implant:

  • Complications with a dental implant can also be caused by the patient’s failure to maintain proper oral hygiene. Although implants do not require specialized cleaning, it is still the patient’s responsibility to maintain good oral hygiene. Brushing twice a day, using antibacterial mouthwash, and flossing at least once a day are all recommended.

  • Regular dental visits are also important because they allow the oral professional to detect any developing complications in their early stages.


Where to get your Dental Implants Done?

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