What is Dental Implant

A dental implant is a structure that acts as a tooth replacement. The surgeon places an implant into the jawbone using tools that resemble screws; the implant serves as the anchor for a crown, which is a type of artificial tooth.


Types of Dental Implant

Endosteal and subperiosteal dental implants are the two types available. The most typical kind of implants are endosteal.

Each one can accommodate one or more false teeth and is implanted into the jawbone by a surgeon.

A subperiosteal implant is attached to the jawbone by a surgeon. For those with low jawbone height, dental professionals recommend this option.

Which type of implant one must undergo is suggested by your dentist and for the best suggestions visit Park dental clinic at Dwarka sec7.


Procedure of Dental Implant

Each patient’s experience with dental implant surgery is likely to be unique. The following variables could have an impact on this:

  • How many teeth need to be replaced?
  • Where the implants are placed within the jaw?
  • The person’s underlying oral and systemic health the quantity and quality of bone at the implant location

These variables may warrant the need for extra procedures. They may consist of:

Increased sinus size:
Because of where the sinuses are located, it is typically challenging to place an implant in the upper jawbone.
In order for the implant to be successful, the surgeon may need to perform a sinus augmentation operation in which the sinus floor is raised.

Ridge transformation:
Some people don’t produce enough bone for an implant because of an irregularity in their jawbone. A ridge alteration may be necessary in these circumstances.
By raising the gum, the affected bone area can be seen. The region will subsequently be rebuilt by the surgeon using bone or a bone substitute. As a result, the jawbone’s quality is improved in order to facilitate dental implant surgery


Who is eligible for Dental Implant?

Children who are still growing may need to wait until their jaw has finished growing and developing before getting a dental implant. 3 Moreover, people with leukemia or diabetes may not be suitable candidates for dental implants. That’s because they may prevent a patient from recovering fully from surgery.

Your dentist might advise against surgery if you smoke because it can delay healing.

To find out if you’re a good candidate for the operation, discuss with the best dentist like Dr Neetu Singh at Park Dental Clinic at Dwarka sec7 to know your medical background and dietary preferences.


Safety of Dental Implant

When a trained and experienced surgeon or dentist completes the procedure, dental implant surgery is safe. Moreover, it is the only method of dental restoration that promotes the growth and preservation of the jawbone.


Complications after Dental Implant

Complications during or following this operation are possible for patients. The problems could be:

  • Opening of the incision following surgery movement of the implant exposure of the implant above the gum line infection of the implant nerve damage resulting in altered sensation in the surgical area
  • In order to enhance the condition of the bone and gums, remove or replace the implant, or both, those who experience movement or exposure of the implant may need to undergo further treatments.

If any of above cases take place, then Dr Neetu Singh will help you with the best possible suggestions.

Dental Implant

Reason for Failure of Implant 

Implant has been failed or has not succeeded  if those are the signs:

  • Increased mobility of the implant
  • Pain when tapping the implant
  •  Rapid, progressive bone loss at the location.


Care to be taken

A person who has had dental implant surgery has to keep brushing and flossing their teeth on a regular basis after the procedure. Similar to natural teeth, artificial teeth also need to be cleaned and maintained.


In order to keep an eye on the implants and ensure that the teeth and gums are in good health, the surgeon or dentist will also plan follow-up appointments. It’s crucial to visit the dentist with professional experience like Dr Neetu Singh of Park dental clinic for a thorough cleaning every six months.


Benefits of Dental Implant
  • Regains chewing abilities
  • Cosmetic look is restored
  • Prevents jawbone from decreasing as a result of bone loss.
  • Keeps the surrounding bone and gums healthy.
  • Maintains the stability of surrounding (adjacent) teeth and enhances quality of life


Risks associated with Dental Implant
  • Neighboring natural teeth are harmed when implants are inserted
  • Surgery-related tissue damage, such as sinus perforation, may occur.
  • A surgical injury (for example, fracture of surrounding jawbone)
  • Poor performance, such as the perception that the teeth do not generally bite together due to the abutment screw loosening, a tooth may feel loose or appear to be twisting in place.
  • Implant body failure (looseness of the implant body) may be caused by a systemic infection, which may be more common in patients with uncontrolled diabetes.
  • A local infection in the bone and gums supporting the implant body, a delayed healing response, which may be more common in patients who smoke, and/or a combination of these factors.
  • Poor oral hygiene as a result of the difficulty in washing the gums around the implant
  • Periodontal disease untreated


Best Clinic for Dental Health

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