What does Dental Implant mean?

A dental implant is a prosthesis that connects to the jawbone or skull bone to support a crown, bridge, denture, or facial prosthesis or serve as an orthodontic anchor.

A person may experience complications such as rapid bone loss, impaired speech, or changes in chewing patterns that cause discomfort when a tooth is lost due to injury or disease.

A dental implant can significantly enhance a patient’s health and quality of life by replacing a missing tooth.

It needs to be done by a professional dentist like Dr Neetu Singh at Park Dental Clinic in Dwarka sec7.

Components of the Implant

A dental implant system usually includes an abutment fixation screw as well as a dental implant body and abutment.

In order to replace the tooth root, the dental implant body is surgically inserted into the jawbone.

Typically, the abutment fixation screw holds the dental implant abutment to the implant body.

It then extends through the gums into the mouth to support the artificial teeth that are attached to it.

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Dental Implants


  • Helps to chew
  • Helps to get better appearance
  • Prevents bone loss in the jaw
  • Preserves the health of the surrounding bone and gums
  • Maintains the stability of adjacent (nearby) teeth.

Pro’s of Dental Implants

  • They don’t need to be changed after a certain time, as they can be kept for a lifetime if maintained properly. 
  • As Dental Implants are fixed into the jaw bone they won’t damage or affect the neighbouring teeth. 
  • Taking care of dental implants is typically not too difficult as it is the same care you should take as you would have taken for your natural teeth.
    Regular dental visits and brushing and flossing are necessary for this.
  • Implants behave and look just like real teeth. They don’t make clicking sounds or make it hard to talk or chew like dentures can. 
  • It appears and functions similar to real teeth. 
  • Comparatively, it is the best cost effective choice of treatment for replacing damaged tooth 


Con’s of Dental Implants

  • It is not always possible to complete the dental implant procedure in one appointment.
    It might take some time for the implant itself to fuse with your jawbone.
  • Bone must have a certain volume and density for implants to work. A lot of patients need more bone augmentation.
    Fortunately, in recent years, methods for adding bone have become less invasive and less painful.
  • Although dental implants are a surgical procedure, complications cannot be completely ruled out. Infection, nerve damage, and bleeding are among the dangers.
    Poor hygiene and smoking can make you more susceptible to infections.
  • Some patients with autoimmune diseases, diabetes, leukemia, and other blood disorders have a lower chance of successful implantation. 
  • The treatment involves too many steps and hence is time consuming.

tooth Implant

Best Dental clinic for Implant treatment?

For dental implants, Park Dental Clinic is the best clinic in Dwarka Sec7 and the best dentist here, Dr. Neetu Singh, will ensure that your teeth and jaw are aligned correctly by offering you the best options and treatments and making sure you feel comfortable throughout the procedure.

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