Water is not like any other drink, and is the healthiest drink available to mankind. Our bodies are made of 60% water. Staying hydrated helps our system distribute healthy nutrients, gets rid of waste, gives the skin a healthy glow and keeps the muscles moving.

A continuous hydrated body is one of the most important aspects of better oral hygiene. The formation of saliva is also facilitated by the amount of water present in the body. 

When Water passes through the mouth, it helps in cleansing the mouth and supports in maintaining oral hygiene. Drinking water, brushing and flossing, are some of the most important daily habits to prevent cavities and oral disease. 


How Is Water Good For Teeth?

1. Gives Fluoride Boost: It is an element naturally found in the earth’s crust. Every time you drink water it acts as an additional boost to the teeth. It strengthens and protects the enamel. Strong enamel helps prevent cavities toothache and decay.


2. Makes teeth stronger: Drinking fluoridated water is one of the best things for the teeth. Fluoridated water fortifies the teeth by restoring the calcium and phosphorous levels in dental enamel.

3. Essential for baby teeth:  It is particularly important for children to drink fluoridated water from a young age. When fluoride consistently enters their bloodstream their teeth begin to form. Fluoride-boosted adult teeth are less likely to suffer from cavities.

4. Helps Whiten The Teeth: Drinking any aerated drinks like red wine, coffee, or tea, leaves stained teeth behind. Drinking water between sips and bites helps in removing the stains and any build-up on the enamel. 


How Does Drinking Water Help Oral Health? 

  1. It Keeps Mouth Clean: Drinking more water wash away the food residue and cavity-causing bacteria that otherwise harm the teeth. Drinking water at regular intervals also plays a vital role in keeping your teeth clean and cavity-free.
  2. Drinking Water Helps To Fight Dry Mouth: Saliva is comprised of 99% water. Saliva helps in remineralizing the teeth with calcium, phosphate, and fluoride.
  3. Freshens Up Breath: Food residue and bacteria inside the mouth are the primary sources of bad breath. Drinking water helps to wash away these odour-causing particles and helps in keeping fresh breath.
  4. Lowered Gum Disease Risk: Drinking water frequently washes away harmful bacteria and food particles inside the mouth. Water keeps away those bacteria and particles from forming plaque the main cause of gum disease.
  5. Cavity-Fighting Power: When plaque build-up erodes away the tooth’s hard enamel covering, it creates a small cavity in the tooth. Keeping the mouth clean is the key to fighting cavities. Water keeps the mouth clean and helps fight cavities.

Oral Health

Tips for Drinking More Water

  1. Carrying A Water Bottle Everywhere:  This way you are more likely to actually drink water when you are thirsty instead of drinking something else.

  2. Keeping Track: Tracking the water intake on a daily basis helps in prioritizing hydration levels.

  3. Work On Drinking And Sipping Water: Water is better absorbed by the body when taken in small amounts and at regular intervals. Sipping water prevents you from feeling gassy.

  4. Drinking Water Before And After Every Meal: This helps to reach the total daily water intake. Drinking water before a meal helps to reduce the quantity of food you eat. Drinking water post-meal helps to clean your mouth and wash away food materials left inside the mouth. 


Note: The foundation of dental care have been incorporated into our daily habit from our parents for as long as we can remember. As we grow, the importance of our oral health becomes less important. Sometimes we tend to give more importance to our overall health and wellness than oral health. 


Conclusion :

Our whole body is connected. When the mouth isn’t healthy, it’s often an indication that something is wrong.

That is why dentists are regularly the first line of defense for the diagnosis of certain ailments like Diabetes, Heart ailments, oral cancer etc.

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