What is fluoride?

Fluoride is a natural mineral which is found in water, soil, rocks, and day-to-day foods. It has the unique ability which prevent tooth decay. It is most commonly used in the majority of dental care products like paste and mouthwash. It supports healthy tooth enamel and fights the bacteria that harm teeth and gums.  Plaque produces an acid that erodes teeth and gum tissue. Fluoride strengthens tooth enamel which is the outer protective layer of each tooth. 

What is fluoride used for?

Majorly fluoride is used to prevent tooth decay. Fluoride safeguards teeth from plaque formation and forms of gum ailments. In many countries, a small amount of fluoride is mixed with community water in a process known as water fluoridation.

What are the benefits of fluoride?

  1. It is extremely useful in dental usage which is why fluoride toothpaste is in demand and important.
  2. It helps reform or mineralise weakened tooth enamel and reverse the quick signs of tooth decay.
  3. It stops the growth of injurious oral bacteria while also preventing and slowing the loss of minerals from the tooth enamel.
  4. Fluoride has diverse benefits when taken in water and when used on the skin. 
  5. Fluoride in water is systemic fluoride and once it is in our blood flow and saliva, it works to prevent tooth decay.
  6. The fluoride in kinds of toothpaste and mouthwash prevents and fights against plaque and remineralises the enamel. 
  7. It helps strengthen the all-important tooth enamel it is vital that we use fluoride-based dental products to keep our teeth strong and healthy. 


 Predominantly fluoride has three roles in oral care:

  1. Pausing of demineralisation
  2. Enrichment of remineralisation
  3. The reticence of bacterial activity in dental plaque

Tooth dental care 

Myths and Facts

There are so many misapprehensions related to fluoride that some people miss out on the various dental health benefits it provides. 


Myth: Fluoride is toxic which damages your health

Fact: This is the most common myth that fluoride is damaging health and linked to the risk of fluorosis or cancer. Many research conducted around the world have not found any relations proving the concept. Fluoride will only be toxic if taken in large quantities. The amount of fluoride that we generally use in our lives, is not at all toxic. Our actual intake is minimally less which is just enough to provide advantages for our dental health.


Myth: Children should not use toothpaste with fluoride

Fact: The amount of toothpaste we use is apt to maintain good oral health which has no adverse effects. Children are encouraged to use fluoride toothpaste with current notifications stating that children under three should use an amount equivalent in size to a grain of rice. This ensures their teeth receive the required protection though not enough that can be harmful to their health if swallowed.


Myth: Fluoride whitens teeth

Fact: Fluoride does not whiten teeth. It helps prevent and strengthen teeth but has no properties to bleach them. Fluoride can also support in reducing tooth sensitivity. When ingested in excessive dosages it can cause barely visible white spots to appear, which is very much treatable.


Myth: Fluoride is only found in toothpaste

Fact: This too is a misconception as fluoride is a mineral found naturally in all natural water sources. Likewise, it can be found in good quantity in meat, cheese, black tea and coffee.


Myth: Excess fluoride can cause fluorosis

Fact: High Fluoride concentration leads to fluorosis, which is in itself a very light condition. It is not painful. It does not affect the health or the functionality of teeth. 

Note: Fluoride is a natural mineral that prevents cavities. It restores minerals to tooth enamel and prevents harmful bacteria from building up in the mouth. Overdosing fluoride can cause negative complications.

Conclusion : 

Our whole body is connected. When the mouth isn’t healthy, it’s often an indication that something is wrong. That is why dentists are regularly the first line of defence for the diagnosis of certain ailments. 

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