What Is Full Mouth Dental Implant Mean?

Implants are artificial structures that are inserted into a patient’s jawbone by an experienced Dental Implantologist. If a person has lost one or more teeth, they may need an implant.

The artificial tooth and the dental implant are connected by a device known as an abutment. The crown is made specifically to fit the patient’s mouth and match their tooth color. Crowns function, look and feel like natural teeth.

Advantages After Doing Full Mouth Implant: 

  • Good successful results: Dental implants that are properly planned and cared for typically have “survival rates” that are comparable to or better than those of other options for replacing teeth.
  • Additionally, as implant technology and methods advance, their success rate should also. Implants are most likely to be successful in healthy people.
  • Helps to enhance chewing ability: Just like natural teeth, dental implants are anchored in your jaw bone. They will contribute to the preservation of the jaw bone over time and significantly reduce bone resorption.
    After doing Implants your missing teeth will be replaced, allowing you to chew food more effectively and speak with greater clarity.
  • Less risk of developing cavities: Even though you still need to take care of your artificial teeth to keep bacteria from growing in your mouth and causing infections, the material used in dental implants cannot decay.
    With dental implants, you won’t have to worry about getting cavities
  • Reduces sensitivity: After the treatment you will also be free from the sensitivity issues which used to take place before.
  • Natural and comfortable: Implants will make your teeth feel, look, and work like your natural teeth.
    Implants will also give patients the self-assurance they need to smile, eat, and socialize without worrying about how they look or whether their dentures will fall out.
  • Long lasting: With proper care, implants can last as long as traditional tooth restorations do.
    Then you don’t have to worry about anything the way you might have been before the treatment of dental implant

Dental Implant

Procedure of Full Mouth Dental Implants: Its 3 Major Components 

  • The implants, which are inserted into your jaw and resemble screws or cylinders.
  • The prosthetic (artificial) teeth, which resemble healthy natural teeth in appearance and function.
  • The abutments that connect the new teeth to the implants and are inserted into them.

Typically, the procedure begins by the Implantologist with the creation and peeling back of two gum flaps with a scalpel to reveal the underlying jawbone. Instead of raising tissue flaps, it may be possible to access the jawbone in some cases through a small circular incision. The implant will then be inserted after a hole is drilled into the jawbone to make room for it.

For each implant, this procedure will be carried out once more. After that, the gum tissue will be trimmed, shaped, and repositioned around the healing cap of the implant and back over the jawbone. The gum tissue will be held in place with a few sutures; In between seven and ten days, the sutures will be taken out.

The bone and the implants will be allowed to bond over the next two to six months to form anchors for your new teeth. After that, it will be time to reveal the implants, take off the temporary healing caps, and affix the abutments. After this procedure, your gums will be allowed to heal for a few weeks.

The abutments will then be attached to full dentures or full bridges that are made to look like your natural teeth. 

Dental Implant

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