Most people believe that children can skip visiting a dentist. Parents think that baby teeth do not last forever.

Seeing a pediatric dentist is an essential step for the healthy development of a baby’s tooth. Many oral health concerns develop early on.

If problems are not swiftly discovered and corrected, they can lead to life-long issues. 

Advantages of dental care at a young age.

  1.  To develop healthy oral habits at a young age
  2.  Early visits act as a precedent for prioritizing routine dental care
  3.  Kids become more comfortable with the dentist 
  4. It helps in dealing with dental anxiety in the future.

1st  Visit 

  1. Upon the eruption of the first tooth.
  2. Tooth eruption leaves the surrounding tissues open to infection. This condition needs medical attention.
  3. Mostly baby teeth develop cavities and infections because of lack of dental care. Baby tooth positioning can sometimes create concern.
  4. Feeding with baby bottles, breastfeeding, and fruit juices causes oral misalignment caused by erosion or decay.
  5. Dentists help in caring for baby teeth and gumlines to prevent possible early issues. 
  6. Pediatric dentists are specially trained in dealing with children’s dental issues. They carry expertise in unique problems that kids sometimes develop. 

2nd and 3rd visit 

  1. Children should actually see their dentists twice or thrice a year.
  2. Young people with a family history of oral health issues have a genuine reason to see the dentist at the earliest.
  3. Discuss your options with the dentist and establish an appropriate schedule for your child’s personal needs.
  4. Ideally, baby teeth get replaced by permanent teeth at a later age.  Occasionally oral infections and disease that has already begun needs immediate dental attention. 
  5. Babies and kids need their teeth to learn to speak and eat properly. Inefficient mouth care can lead to developmental issues beyond simple hygiene as well.
  6. Pediatric dentists are aware of this additional importance regarding children’s dental care. They work with the child to help develop good speaking and eating abilities.

Determining Factors For The Visit 

  1. Risk factors for developing dental cavities.
  2.  An existing number of cavities.
  3. Health risks associated with dental decay (e.g. if the child has a health condition such as heart disease or diabetes).
  4. Child’s diet and oral hygiene practices.
  5. Fluoride deficiency-related issues.

    Pediatric dentist oral cavity

Basics Of a Child’s Dental Visit

The dentist checks the child’s teeth and jaw during their first visit . Parents should keep the dentist informed if the child’s health has seen some changes since their last appointment. 

  1. Dental cleaning: The dentist washes plaque and tartar. If not cleaned may lead to gum disease, poor breath, and tooth decay. Post this dentist polishes and flosses the teeth. This enhances oral hygiene.
  2. Complete dental exam: The dentist checks the child’s mouth and teeth for signs of dental issues like cavities or gum issues. X-rays help in the detection of issues like jawbone damage, abscesses, and jammed teeth. The X-ray also helps in finding cysts, tumors, and tooth decay between the teeth. 


Importance Of Regular Check-Ups
  1. Decay or cavities progress faster in baby teeth than in adult teeth. Baby’s enamel tends to be thinner and weaker. The dentist performs essential tasks, such as checking that the teeth are erupting when they are due and in the right position.

  2. During visits, the dental team provides suggestions on proper brushing, flossing, and diet. Dental examination enables the dentist to detect cavities early, preventing the need for costly dental procedures later.

  3. Information that parents learn from the dentist is crucial for the child’s oral development. Parents should know how to keep their children’s teeth cavity-free.

  4. Regular dental visits teach the children the importance of dentist appointments and help them cultivate good dental habits.

  5. It also familiarizes them with the way that dental appointments work. Regular visits enable them to create a lasting relationship with the dentist. This is of utmost importance in case of future dental procedures.


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