How To Overcome Dental Anxiety

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Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety can be defined as a fear of the mind associated with a dental setting. This fear leads to delaying dental treatment.

This anxiety and phobia result in the avoidance of dental care. Dental instruments like needles, drills, or the dental setting sometimes trigger dental anxiety.

When anxiety is severe it causes irrational fear. It can be classified as a dental phobia.

Causes For Dental Phobia And Anxiety? 

  1. Fear of pain: It is one of the very common reasons for not visiting the dentist. Usually, this fear arises from an early unpleasant dental experience. Because of the recent advances in dentistry, the majority of today’s dental procedures are comparably less painful.
  2. Fear of injections: Many people are terrified of taking injections. When it comes to mouth they feel it scarier.
  3. Fear of anesthetic side effects: Thought of potential side effects of anesthesia like the feeling of being giddy, faintness, and nausea makes them more nervous.
  4. Feelings of helplessness: It is a very common thought for people to feel vulnerable considering their situation.  They get nervous by seeing the dental chair with their mouth wide open.
  5. Sense of Embarrassment: Sometimes people feel a little shy or uncomfortable about the physical proximity of the dentist. Few people get more conscious about their teeth and mouth odors.
  6. Traumatic dental experience: Any previous experience of  dental trauma like bad tooth extraction experience
  7. Previous trauma to head and neck: People get very sensitive about the touch and holdings if they had past head and neck trauma
  8. Invasion of personal space: The view that the mouth is a personal area and accessing the mouth is an interference with their privacy
  9. Trust issues: One must always trust the doctor and the process and believe that they will be fine
  10. Medical Conditions: Some of the medical conditions like claustrophobia (fear of blocked spaces).Agoraphobia (fear of being in a locked place). An obsessive psychological compulsive disorder where there is a negative obsession around being clean 

Signs & Symptoms : 

  1.     Excessive sweating 
  2.     Racing heartbeat 
  3.     Low blood pressure 
  4.     Panicking behavioral
  5.     Withdrawal of treatment 

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Management Techniques :

  1. Find the right dentist: Meeting a good Doctor can make all the difference. He makes sure you are more comfortable and confident about the care you’re receiving.
    Check for reviews from current patients about the clinic and the dentist. Look for a dentist who offers a friendly and caring staff.
  2. Use relaxation techniques and medications: Before meeting the doctor take some time to get in the right mindset.
    Simple stretches and deep controlled breathing help to relax.
    Yoga and physical exercises are the best way to calm the mind.
  3. Accompany a friend: Bring a friend to join you for your first appointment. Having a supportive person nearby can help to feel safer and more relaxed. Calling a friend for company can calm the mind.
    Even if you can’t talk to the person but their presence can help you feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed.
  4. Arrive early: Make sure you reach your destination on time. Arriving early helps in relaxing the mind. Try to enjoy a few extra minutes in the lobby, talking to the front desk staff.
  5. Let your dentist know: Don’t keep your fears bottled up talk to the dentist. Let the dental team know that you are feeling nervous. Good communication between you and Your dentist is the key to all the problems.
  6. Ask lots of questions: Voice your concerns, questions, and discomfort. A good dental team will definitely try to understand the concerns. They will explain the entire process of treatment and make you comfortable.
  7. Communicate your concerns: Never feel shy to communicate your problems and questions to your dentist. By knowing concerns they can make the process easier.
  8. Distraction: Having a distraction in the dental office is the best way to get rid of anxiety. Watch something on your phone that you like. Try even to listen to soft music.
  9. Overcoming Fear of injections: The doctor puts a numbing gel so you don’t even feel the prick. Try to understand the process of treatment. 

 Conclusion : 

It is very crucial to share your difficulties and concerns with your dentist. A healthy discussion with the dentist before taking the treatment makes a person feel better and safer.

Based on the patient’s discussion dentist can customize the treatment. Communication is the ultimate key to overcoming dental anxiety.

The clearer you are about the fears it is easy for the dentist to sort them through. 

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