Endodontic therapy, commonly known as root canal therapy, is a dental treatment that removes an infection from the interior of a tooth. It can also guard against subsequent infections. It is carried out in the pulp of the tooth, which is the root canal.                                                                                                               

A root canal is not really a therapy, but rather a component of a tooth. The pulp is the hollow portion of a tooth that includes nerve tissue, blood vessels, and other cells. A tooth consists of a crown and roots. The crown is mostly visible above the gum, while the roots are visible below it. The roots are what connect the tooth to the jawbone.

What’s the procedure of  Root Canal ?

A root canal is performed in three phases and takes one to three sessions to complete:

1)  Cleaning the root: First, the dentist removes everything from the root canal. Under local anesthetic, the dentist cuts a small access hole on the surface of the tooth and uses extremely fine files to remove the damaged and dead pulp tissue.

2) Filling the root canal: The dentist then uses microscopic files and irrigation treatments to clean, shape, and disinfect the hollow region. The tooth is then filled with a rubber-like substance and the canals are completely sealed with adhesive cement. The tooth is dead after root canal treatment. Because the nerve tissue and infection have been removed, the patient will no longer experience pain in that tooth.

3)  Adding a crown or a filling: However, the tooth will be more vulnerable than earlier. A tooth without pulp must be fed by the ligament that connects the tooth to the bone. This supply is sufficient, but the tooth will grow more fragile with time, thus a crown or filling provides protection.

The patient should not chew or bite on the tooth until the crown or filling is finished. After the crown or filling is completed, the individual can resume normal usage of the tooth. Treatment usually requires only one session, but curved canals, several canals, or big infections may necessitate one or two subsequent consultations.

How painful can Root Canal Surgery be?

A professional dental surgeon will perform the procedure, which should be rather painless. The pain is caused by the infection rather than the therapy. The therapy does not induce pain; rather, it helps to relieve it. The dental surgeon will make the treatment less painful by numbing the tooth and surrounding region using a local anesthetic. Tenderness is usual after therapy. It is just transitory, and over-the-counter pain relievers may suffice. Prescription medicines, such as codeine, are available if necessary. To cure or prevent infection, the dentist may prescribe an antibiotic.

Why is Root Canal Treatment needed?

Bacteria can enter the pulp if there is a deep cavity, a broken tooth, or a loose filling. Bacteria will finally decompose the pulp. If germs enter through the root holes, they might cause a bone infection.                   

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An infection will weaken and tear down the bone. The ligaments around the tooth enlarge, and the tooth becomes loose. Pulp damage causes the tooth to be sensitive to both hot and low temperatures. Chewing may cause discomfort, and some patients have constant, throbbing agony. The infection will spread if not treated. The tooth will eventually fall loose and will need to be extracted.

Quick facts about Root Canal

  1. The absence of pain does not imply that you do not require root canal therapy.
  2. Antibiotics do not heal tooth infections.
  3. The root canal procedure does cause pain
  4. Aftercare is super necessary
  5. It saves you from pulling out your tooth

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