Tips From Pediatric Dentists to Prevent Cavities In Children

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What is Cavity? 

Cavities can be defined as one of the most common dental problems in toddlers and children. It is also referred to as tooth decay. Cavity creates permanent damage in the tooth area. The two main causes are poor dental hygiene and sugary diets. Sometimes it becomes incredibly painful. It often leads to tooth decay and childhood periodontitis if left untreated. 

The Three Crucial Factors For Cavity Prevention And Excellent Oral Health Are:

  1. Ensuring that children eat a balanced diet
  2. Embarking on a sound home oral care routine 
  3. Visiting the pediatric dentist biannually.

What Causes Tooth Decay In A Child?

Reasons behind Kids having more risk for tooth decay: 

  1. Poor home care
  2. Diets high in sugar
  3. Bottle and pacifier use
  4. Poorly aligned or overcrowded teeth

Signs And Symptoms Of Cavities Include:

  1. Increased sensitivity to cool or hot foods
  2. Night-time waking and crying
  3. Pain
  4. Toothache
  5. Swollen cheeks


Tips To Prevent Cavities 

Do’s : 

  • Start Early: It is never too early to start caring for a child’s teeth. Start wiping their gums with a soft cloth after every feed.

  • Regular Cleaning of  Pacifier: Oral bacteria can be transmitted from mother or father to baby.  Wash the used or dirty pacifier with running tap water.
  • Use Of Straw: It is not possible to avoid sugary beverages every time. To minimize the harmful effects encourage the use of straw. This allows the sugary beverage to bypass the teeth to a certain degree. 
  • Promote Healthy Brushing: Children witnessing their parents taking care of oral health feel a natural inclination to do the same. What has been seen is that parents find it convenient to brush their teeth alongside their children.  Starting the routine together is a simple way to make brushing feel much less monotonous. 
  • Check On Fluoride: When used correctly, fluoride can strengthen tooth enamel and help stave off cavities.  Too much or too little fluoride can actually harm the teeth, so ask the pediatric dentist for a fluoride assessment.
  • Buy A Child-Friendly Toothbrush: This is a great way to make brushing feel less mundane and tedious for children. They can look forward to brushing their teeth and having fun whilst doing so. 
  • Encourage Water Consumption: Water consumption is beneficial for teeth health.  It is a simple way to prevent cavities in children. This is one of the most effortless ways for a child to avoid cavities and practice good oral health. 
  • Schedule Regular Dental Appointments: It is a crucial step in preventing cavities. This helps in teaching healthy oral hygiene from a young age. Ideally, kids should visit the dentist once they get their first baby tooth. Taking care of a child’s teeth from a young age is the best way to develop healthy permanent teeth.

child tooth cavities


  • Avoid Certain Foods: There are certain foods that cause cavities in children. Foods high in carbohydrates, sugar, and starch are generally bad for teeth. It is best to limit the intake of these food items.
  • Avoid snacking: Frequent Snacking unnecessarily exposes teeth to sugar. Sugar and starch serving during mealtimes are much safer. The child produces more saliva during meals. Please see to it that the child consumes a good amount of water to clean the teeth.
  • Avoid Bottle Feed: Bottle feeds are thought to cause tooth decay if used beyond the intended age.  Some amount of liquid gets emitted with each sip. This sugary liquid causes swill around the teeth.
  • Avoid Sticky Food Items: Sticky foods like toffee form plaque quickly. They are extremely difficult to pry off the teeth.  Avoid them when possible.
  • Avoid Bedtime Drinks: Drinks like milk, juice, and sweetened water basically sit on the teeth all night. The sugar content tends to attack enamel maximizing the risk of cavities. 
  • Avoid Sweeten Pacifiers: Parents sometimes dip pacifiers in honey to calm a cranky child.  Do not be tempted to do this.  Use a bed blanket, or toys, or play with the child instead. 



Preventative care goes a long way in reducing the risks of cavities in children. A pediatric dentist may make other specific recommendations to ensure your child is well protected from tooth decay.

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