What are Braces?

Dental appliances known as braces assist in resolving issues with your teeth, such as crowding, crookedness, or misalignment. Adults as well as teens are frequently treated with braces. Braces gradually straighten and align your teeth so that you have a normal bite while you wear them and also help to get the perfect smile

Types Of Braces 

  • Metal braces/Traditional braces: They are attached to your teeth with arch wires and are made of high-grade stainless steel brackets. Because they can be customized with a variety of colors to create a one-of-a-kind smile, they are a favorite among teens.
  • Ceramic Braces: They are made up of fixed ceramic clear braces and translucent brackets. ceramic cosmetic braces are less obvious than metal braces. They are popular because they look good.
  • Lingual Braces: They are fixed braces, they are applied to the teeth’s inner surface on the inside of the mouth. As a result, the correct alignment of the teeth can be achieved without the braces being visible. There is no age limit.
  • Self-ligating Braces: They are an advanced kind of metal braces that don’t need elastics or O-rings. Because elastics are used to attach conventional braces, they cause friction and pressure, which makes treatment take longer and is less pleasant. Like a gate, self-ligating braces hold the wire in place and lock it in place. They hold the wire with a slide mechanism, allowing teeth to move more freely, quickly, and comfortably.
  • Removable Braces: By gently tipping, these are used to move and straighten your teeth. They can tip the crowns of your teeth, but they don’t really change where the roots are.
  • Invisalign Braces: A series of clear, removable plastic aligners are worn over the teeth as part of the treatment. They are nearly invisible, removable, transparent braces, and Invisalign. It is not suitable for everyone.Ortho and braces treatment in dwarka


You will need to meet with your orthodontist first before getting braces. Typically, the first visit includes:

  • Providing answers to questions about your oral and overall health
  • Conducting a clinical exam
  • Taking X-rays, and taking dental impressions of your teeth in preparation for braces are all part of the treatment process
  • Then, clean and dry your teeth before applying adhesive to hold the brackets in place
  • Installing the archwires into the brackets and securing them with elastic bands.

Why are Braces Important?

  • Braces Prevent Gum Disease: If you don’t properly care for your teeth and gums, gum disease can lead to problems in your mouth.

Fortunately, braces can help properly fill the space between teeth, making it easier to brush and floss in between teeth.

  • Braces boosts confidence: While braces are unquestionably beneficial to one’s health, they also contribute significantly to one’s self-confidence.In fact,braces contribute to get a beautiful smile and also boosts confidence
  • Proportions are improved with braces: For some of us, having a misaligned jaw is not so fortunate. Fortunately, braces assist in two ways with this: Making your jaw and lips more in proportion to your face by moving your teeth into a better position.
  • Improve your speech with braces: People who don’t straighten their teeth sometimes find it harder to pronounce certain sounds. Additionally, having straightened teeth significantly improves your ability to pronounce words.
  • Injury Prevention with Braces: No one likes cracked or broken teeth. Additionally, upper teeth that protrude are particularly vulnerable in an accident like sports car crashed and falling.

Ortho and braces treatment in dwarka

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