Dental Brace Invention History 

Dental Braces usage and popularity over the past few decades have exponentially increased. The concerns about poorly aligned teeth and attempts to correct the problem go back to antiquity.

The usage of Gold Bands and catgut wiring in Egyptian mummies were used to correct dental gaps. Recent-day dental braces were reinvented in the 18th century.  Credit for braces development can be shared by more than one researcher.

Early Pioneers(1678- 1822)

Pierre Fauchard was the first dentist to invent dentures. He kept dentures in place by anchoring them to molars.

A technique that became a key principle of modern braces. A horseshoe-shaped strip of metal called a bandeau contributed to the evolution of Braces.

This structure contained equally distant spaced holes that fit around the teeth to correct their alignment to other teeth.

Another advancement was a forceps-like device he called a “pelican” that used to aggressively realign teeth. Which were held in place by fastening them to adjacent teeth.

Orthodontic headgear was first invented by J. Gunnell. He invented the “occipital anchorage” which led to the evolution of modern-day braces.

This device moored to the top and rear of the head at one end. It used to hold to the jaw at the other end. Utilizing the resulting force to exert soft coercion on the teeth.

The 20th Century

In the early 1900s, Edward Angle (1855-1930) was instrumental in standardizing Orthodontics.

He was inventing various tools and equipment that could not be used again for another patient. His invention, the “edgewise appliance”, has laid the foundation for developing today’s braces.

Special Dental Adhesives (1970S): Special dental adhesives were invented in the 1970s.

These adhesives are used to hold the brackets directly at the top of the teeth. Which remains the same practice for common braces.

“Invisalign” was invented in 1997 which is a clear plastic retainer was one of the biggest breakthroughs.

This process used multiple removable retainers to slowly shift teeth into their desired areas of the mouth.

aligners straightening Teeth

History and Contribution of Indians to Orthodontics

Indian dentistry Journey started during the Stone Age, Andrea Cucina and colleagues were exploring a fossil at the University of Missouri-Columbia. They discovered Indian dentistry 9000 years ago (7000 BC) in Mehgarh. Ancient Indians invented the art of drilling teeth.

Removing the decay can be found by holes in Molar in these areas in some of the human remains. Dr. H.D. Merchant, the pioneer of Indian Orthodontics gave the first series of lectures in orthodontics.

His article emphasized the work of great achievers in orthodontia. It helped Indian Dentistry to raise the level of ‘Indian Orthodontics”.

 Cost of Braces and Aligners in India:

It ranges from roughly Rs 25,000 to 2,80,000. Teeth braces cost in India is more economical than compared to other countries. 

This cost of braces depends on various factors-

  1.     Doctors’ expertise in orthodontics
  2.     Type of brace the patient chooses
  3.     Severity of teeth misalignment
  4.     Patient age
  5.     It varies from patient to patient 

Types of Braces 

  1.  Metallic brace: Traditional brace with brackets made up of metals and wires
  2. Ceramic brace: Less noticeable and made up of tooth-colored material  that is attached with wire
  3. Lingual or incognito brace: Less noticeable and gets attached to the back of the teeth
  4. Invisalign or invisible brace: Bracketless braces. It is a series of 15-30 custom-made hard plastic aligners fitted together like one unit. It is also called an aligner brace 


No. Type of Dental brace  Cost ranges for Dental brace in India 
1 Metallic brace  25,000-45,000
2 Ceramic brace  30,000-60,000
3 Lingual or incognito brace  70,000-1,50,000
4 Invisalign or aligners brace    1,50,000-3,00000



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