A sinus-related toothache is very normal. The roots of the back teeth often extend toward the sinuses.

One may identify this pain as a toothache, but it’s caused by the pressure on the nerves. Inflammation of these sinuses sometimes causes oral pain. 

Sinus tooth pain can happen due to a tooth infection. There are several sinus passages found behind the cheekbones. Any allergy or inflammation in the sinuses can also cause sensitivity in the mouth. 


Sinus Pressure

A sinus infection is often caused by a bacterial or viral infection that prevents the sinuses from being able to produce mucus normally.

People suffering from a sinus infection often experience pain in the back of the upper teeth and upper molars.


Common Sinus Infection Symptoms

  1. Sore throat, hoarse voice
  2. Sinus congestion
  3. Runny nose, typically discolored
  4. Mucus drainage down the throat
  5. Reduced sense of smell and taste
  6. Pain around the sinus areas (eyes, cheeks, nose, and forehead)
  7. Pain within the upper teeth


Nature Of Sinus Pain: 

  1. Many times bending down to pick something from the ground can worsen sinus pressure. 
  2. Pain subsides when an individual is lying down or sitting.
  3. Sinus pressure is less intense and represents more of a dull, aching pain. 
  4. Sinus pain is not isolated to just one location, it can be felt over a vaster area.


A Toothache

Toothache can be described as a kind of pain experienced in or around a tooth. It can happen because of a variety of dental issues.

People experiencing a toothache describe this as a feeling of dull or sharp pain. One of the key indicators for a toothache is the localized pain area of the mouth or a tooth. 


Common Reasons Behind A Toothache: 
  1. Broken filling
  2. Decay
  3. Cracked tooth
  4. Loose tooth or crown
  5. Abscess
  6. Cavity/Decay


Nature Of Toothache Pain: 
  1. Pain related to a cavity or broken filling may primarily intensify when eating or drinking particularly hot or cold food or beverages.

  2. Pain associated with an abscess may be more ongoing instead of its intensity being related to certain actions and will usually become more painful the longer it goes unaddressed.

  3. A toothache is often centralized, or localized to a specific area in your mouth


Key Differentiative Parameters Between Sinus Pain And A Toothache 
  1. Symptoms:
    The hallmark symptom of sinus pressure affecting the teeth is a prominent dull aching pain experienced in the mouth.
    This makes it harder to localize to a particular tooth. Symptoms of a toothache are more numerous, intense, and more localized.

  2. Intensity of pain:
    Oral pain related to sinus pressure is typically of a dull or throbbing nature.
    In case of toothache, the pain starts dull, but may quickly become intense if it is not addressed promptly.

  3. Location:
    Sinus pressure that initiates a toothache feeling a general pain. This pain does not start radiating from a specific tooth.
    On the other hand, a toothache is often very specific in location. Toothache pain always radiates outward from its location.

  4. Treatments:
    Sinus pressure pain and treatment are addressed by a physician. Physicians may recommend over-the-counter medications or prescription antibiotics.
    Sinus infection or sinusitis is treated by antibiotics.
    Toothache treatment is addressed by a professional dentist. Treatment procedures and medications vary depending on the exact cause of the pain.


Note: Prevention and early intervention are the key.  If the teeth involved look healthy and do not exhibit any sensitivity to hot or cold, then the cause for the pain is most likely to be a sinus problem. A simple x-rays of the painful teeth can check for cavities or a possible toothache.  



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