How To Prepare Kids For Their First Visit To Dentist

Child dentist
September 29, 2023 0 Comments

We all know going to the dentist for the first time can be a little scary. Even adults get nervous about the prospect sometimes.

For the kids, a lot of this is just a fear of the unknown. There are a number of steps that can be taken to help alleviate these jitters. The first dental visit gives a chance to parents to become educated.

They can properly take care of their child’s teeth. Children become comfortable with the dental environment at an early age.


Tips To Prepare A Child For Their First Dental Visit:  

  1. Parents Positive Mindset: Sometimes parents pass their dental anxiety on to their children. Always try to avoid talking about any bad experiences. Build a strong mindset by reinforcing positive talks.

  2. Find A Good  Pediatric Dentist: A pediatric dentist completes specialty training after graduating from dental college. They learn all about child development and psychology, as well as the ins and outs of treating growing smiles. They know how to deal with children’s anxiety.

  3. Tour The Dental Office Prior To The First Appointment: Try to schedule an appointment with a reputed pediatric dentist. Make sure to give a tour of the dental office in advance. This prepares children for dental visits. This type of tour makes them familiar with the sights and sounds.

  4. Mental Preparation: When kids don’t know what to expect, sometimes, the imagination can run wild and not in a good way. Try to deviate their mind by telling them that the doctor will be counting their teeth. The doctor shows them how to keep their smile strong and healthy.

  5. Show Videos Or Read Books To The Kid: When kids see their favourite characters happily visiting the dentist, it helps put a positive spin on it. Prior reading on the same topic gives them real-time confidence.

  6. Play Some Games: Dentists’ games for kids can be a really effective way to demystify the experience. Kid get accustomed and this really makes their visit smooth.

  7. Make Sure The Child Is Rested And Fed Nicely: tired children and hungry children can be moody and less cooperative. If their sleep is compromised they can be very cranky. Children who are fed and well-rested tend to have a more pleasant experience.

  8. Schedule Their First Dental Visit Wisely: This helps a lot in preparing the child for the dentist. It is helpful for keeping their tantrums and tears at bay. Scheduling the first appointment keeping in mind they’re typically in a good mood.

  9. Bring A Friend: Bring a soft toy that they like. This is a good way to alleviate their mood. Bringing their best friend makes them happier. They feel more safe and secure. 

Child dentist

What to Expect

At first, the dentist examines the baby’s mouth to make sure everything is growing and developing properly. They also check for dental caries, tongue ties, and any signs of injuries. 

The Dentist Discusses The Following Points: 

  1. What kind of toothpaste and toothbrush to use
  2. Brushing and flossing techniques
  3. How to relieve teething discomfort
  4. Which foods and drinks cause cavities
  5. Good oral hygiene practices for your child’s teeth and gums, and for cavity prevention
  6. Oral habits, such as thumb-sucking, tongue-thrusting, and lip sucking
  7. Developmental milestones and dental issues
  8. Teething
  9. Proper nutrition for healthy teeth
  10. Scheduling dental check-ups


Anticipating Follow Up Visits 

After completion of the first visit, start preparing the child for their second visit. This can be done by reminding them of the positive things that happened such as:

  • There were no shots
  • Nothing hurt
  • The toothpaste tasted great
  • The toothbrush tickled
  • The dentist counted all of your teeth 
  • You got prizes at the end
  • Again will go next month and have fun 


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