Periodontitis :

Periodontal diseases are critical bacterial infections. It is also called periodontitis. This condition is characterized as an inflammatory disease of the gum and the surrounding tissue.

It causes damage to the gums and the nearby tissues of the mouth. If the inflammation is not treated and taken care of, it can lead to the dissolving of the bone underlying the teeth. 

Mostly children are more prone to get the lightest form of the disease called gingivitis. Gingivitis occurs when plaque build-up creates toxins and causes inflammation of surrounding gum tissue.

It further weakens the tooth enamel and cavities. Persistent bad breath becomes an indicator of periodontitis. 

Types Of Periodontal Disease :

  1. Gingivitis: It is the mildest form of periodontal disease. Gums are likely to become red, swollen, and tender, causing them to bleed easily. during daily cleanings and flossing.

  2. Mild Periodontitis: This stage of gum disease shows evidence of the development of periodontal pockets (gums pulling away from the teeth, causing the crevice between the teeth and gums to get deepened) and early loss of bone around the teeth.

  3. Moderate To Advanced Periodontitis: This is the most major stage of gum disease and shows significant loss to the bone, deepening of periodontal areas, and possibly decreasing gums around the teeth. Teeth may become loose and will need to be extracted. 

Periodontal diseases

Causes Of Periodontal Disease : 

As with many other oral health diseases, bacteria and plaque build-up are often the culprits. In fact, bacterial plaque accumulation is the leading reason for gum disease.

Other leading factors are:

  1.     Plaque build-up
  2.     Poor oral hygiene
  3.     Stuck Food in the gums 
  4.     Malocclusion of teeth
  5.     Breathing from the Mouth which causes extreme drying of the gums and teeth 
  6.     Diet which is low in nutrients and vitamin C deficiency 
  7.     Autoimmune or systemic diseases


Risk Factors For Periodontal Disease : 

  1.     Certain genes (hereditary)
  2.     Poor diet
  3.     Poor oral hygiene
  4.     Hormonal changes in the body which frequently happen during puberty 
  5.     Repeated uncontrolled grinding of the teeth 
  6.     Certain medicines that can cause dry mouth

Signs & Symptoms : 

  1.     Bleeding while brushing or flossing
  2.     Gums that pull far away from the teeth (receding gums)
  3.     Sensitivity to hot and cold food items 
  4.     Loosed teeth or separated teeth that show greater than normal gaps.
  5.     Bad breath that won’t go away
  6.     Pus between the teeth and gums
  7.     A change in bite and jaw alignment 


Treatments : 

  1. Good dental care: Regular cleanings by a dentist can help prevent gingivitis, the lightest form of gum disease. Daily brushing and flossing of your child’s teeth is required.

  2. Deep cleaning (scaling and root planning): This is helpful to remove the plaque and tartar below the gum and infected part in the initial stages of the disease. It can also smooth the damaged root surfaces of the teeth. The gums can then realign and reattach to the teeth.

  3. Medicine: Antibiotic medicine can be put in the periodontal space. Or it may be given in pill form to be taken orally.

  4. Surgery: When gum disease becomes critical, the infected areas under the gums get disinfected and cleaned. The surrounding tissues can be surgically reshaped or replaced. 


Disease Prevention Tips : 

Good dental habits can prevent gum disease. 

  1. Brushing the teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste 
  2. Use a toothbrush of the right size based on the child’s age and size 
  3. Regular Flossing  
  4. Drinking water that contains fluoride
  5. Frequent dental checkups  
  6. Healthy diet 
  7. Limiting  high sugar and starch diet 
  8. Gargling with lukewarm saltwater  


                             Keeping Little Ones On The Path To Healthy Smiles!

Early treatment is important. This prevents the gum disease from getting worse. Park Dental Clinic, Dwarka Sec-7, Delhi is the best dental clinic in Dwarka having the best pediatric dentist, periodontist, and implantologist. The dentist here carries the expertise in addressing all types of children-related dental issues and providing comprehensive treatment. We offer a wide range of orthodontic treatments with advanced technology. A one-stop solution for all dental-related issues. Give your child the best dental care.



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