Dentures are dental prosthetic devices that are used to replace missing teeth. They are removable and can be made to replace a few missing teeth or an entire set of teeth. Dentures have been helping individuals regain their oral functionality and confidence for centuries. 

The lifespan of a denture is seven to ten years. Getting accustomed to wearing new dentures takes some time as they might initially feel bulky or uncomfortable. Slowly with regular use and practice, most people adapt well within a few weeks.

Types Of Denture:

  1. Full Dentures: This appliance replaces an entire arch of missing teeth. A full denture rests atop the gums and relies on the palate or lower jawbone ridge for support.
  2. Partial Dentures: If several teeth are missing in one or both jaws, partial dentures may be an option. These dentures are similar to full dentures in functionality. These dentures also need support from the gums and underlying bone.

  3. Immediate Dentures: An immediate denture is a device to wear right after extractions. Many times these dentures are used as temporary appliances. Once healing happens dentist replaces them with the final dentures.

  4. Implant-retained Dentures: Instead of relying on the jawbone ridge and gums for support, implant-retained dentures attach to dental implants. These are small, threaded posts that surgeons place in the jawbone to replace missing teeth roots.

  5. Implant-supported dentures: They are also known as permanent dentures or hybrid dentures. These dentures are non-removable. They don’t snap in and out. Only a dentist can remove them when removal is required.

Fabrication Steps Of Denture:

  1. Taking Dental Impression: The Dentist takes an impression of upper and lower jaws. This includes gums and any remaining teeth. Many times two impressions are required a preliminary and a final.

  2. Making A Dental Model: In this step, the dentist sends the impressions to a dental lab. A dental technician uses these impressions to craft a stone model or a replica of a mouth.

  3. Customizing The Denture. Building the denture starts with wax registration blocks. These wax blocks help the technician determine where to place the artificial teeth. The technician uses a variety of materials like acrylic, nylon or resin to build up the base of the new denture.

  4. Polishing The Denture. Once the technician creates a new denture, they polish it to a natural-looking shine and send it back to the dentist for customer fitting.



  1. Youthful-Looking Appearance: Dentures help preserve the facial shape and prevent your cheeks and lips from appearing sunken. They help in giving a complete, natural-looking smile. Dentures fill in the missing spaces and give a full smile.

  2. Talk & Eat with Ease: Missing teeth can make talking and eating very difficult. With high-quality dentures, speech impairments are enhanced. It makes eating easy. One can enjoy their favorite foods.

  3. Easy to Maintain: Dentures are extremely easy to maintain. Rinsing dentures after eating, brushing them daily, and soaking them overnight improves the life of dentures.

  4. Improves Oral Health: Missing teeth cause a variety of oral health problems.  Dentures help in reducing the risk of developing dental problems such as gum disease.

  5. Boost Self-Confidence: Tooth loss leads to diminished self-confidence. Dentures give a natural look and help in bringing back a beautiful smile. 


Care Of Dentures:

Proper care and maintenance help to keep the dentures in good condition. 

  1. Removing the dentures at the end of every day.
  2. Cleaning the dentures using a denture brush and paste.
  3. Soaking the dentures overnight in a denture solution.
  4. Brushing the gums, tongue, inner cheeks, roof of the mouth and any remaining teeth twice a day to remove plaque and debris.



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