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Tooth Filling-We use dental fillings to restore tooth decay. Dental caries is caused by microorganisms that convert sugars in food to acids which erode the enamel of a tooth, creating a hole or cavity.

At Park Dental Clinic we clean out the decayed part of the tooth and fill the opening with a filling material to protect the tooth’s structure and restore the appearance and utility of the tooth.

Types of Tooth Filling


The most common and durable dental filling material is amalgam. It is a silver filling that is usually placed in the rear molar cavities which endure more stress during chewing.

Amalgam fillings—used for large, deep cavities—are strong and very resistant to wear. Amalgam has been in use since 1833.


Gold dental fillings or inlays are prepared by a dental technician and then cemented into place in the cavity.

They are also used to fill the back molars. Gold fillings are very durable.

Though they are expensive, they do not create the aesthetic appeal of tooth-colored fillings.


If you want the most natural and invisible finish for your tooth filling, a composite filling is the best choice.

The composite filling uses a material made of different substances including fine glass and plastic as an alternative to amalgam fillings.

They are not as durable as amalgam fillings but they provide a more natural look.


Cone Beam CT Scan is the acme of dental engineering. It provides a precise 3D view of the teeth

which helps in precise diagnosis and dental treatment including the planting of implants,

orthodontics and impacted teeth while being completely safe for use on all kinds of patients.

We use this latest technology at Park Dental Clinic for our diagnosis and dental treatment.

Benefits of Tooth Filling


When you get a tooth filling done at Park Dental Clinic, we clean the decayed part of your tooth.

The dentist then pours in the filling materials and seals the hole created by the cavity effectively.

This protects the nerve endings in your teeth from becoming sensitive to the temperature of the food and acids created by the bacteria in your mouth.

It is the exposure of these nerves that lead to toothaches when you have cavities.


Composite fillings help to improve the structure of your tooth. The filling gives the tooth much-needed support to the tooth. Fillings are temporary solutions that do not cause any damage to the teeth during the process.


Teeth can get fractured due to trauma like a sports injury or an accident. Chewing hard things can crack your teeth as well.

Fillings can be used to repair a fractured tooth. A white composite is used for this purpose to match the natural color. 

Tooth Filling Can Improve The Color Of Your Teeth

Composite tooth fillings are used to fix badly stained or discolored teeth. Too much coffee or red wine can cause such discoloration.

or gnashing your teeth is a condition called bruxism which can also cause teeth to lose their natural colour.

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