What Is Full Mouth Dental Implant?

Dental implants, which are one of the most impressive techniques for replacing lost teeth these days, are an excellent alternative for replacing one or two missing teeth.

However, if a person is missing all or most of them, a revolutionary procedure known as ‘Full Mouth Dental Implants’ can help.

Full mouth dental implants offer a permanent treatment for multiple lost teeth or full-arch loss while preserving gum and jaw bone integrity.

Four to eight implants are placed in the gum to support the tooth and take the role of the roots, integrating with the jawbones.

Once the implant anchors have healed, the dentist will place a set of replacement teeth on them.

A dental bridge or custom-made dentures may be used to replace missing teeth.

What Is the Procedure of A Full Mouth Dental Implant?

  • The procedure of full mouth dental implant is an out-patient procedure, in which the dentist takes some X-rays to determine the bone strength.
  • The first step of the procedure is usually to use a scalpel to create and peel back two gum flaps to expose the underlying jawbone.
  • The number of implants that are needed is inserted in the form of titanium screws and they act as the new tooth ‘roots’.
  • The implant will then be implanted when a hole is drilled into the jawbone to create room for it in the second stage. This procedure will be repeated for each implant. It may be feasible to wear temporary teeth over the implant locations.
    If this is not possible, a temporary healing cap will be screwed into the top of each implant to isolate the implant’s contents from the surrounding oral environment.
  • After the jawbone and the gum have healed, an abutment a new tooth crown goes into place, giving a permanent new tooth that is as stable as a natural tooth.
  • In the third step, the two flaps of gum tissue will then be cut, contoured, and placed back over the jawbone and over the healing cap of the implant in the third stage. Sutures will be used to keep the gum tissue in place, and they will be removed after seven to ten days.

  • The first six months after getting the implants is the time when teeth get stable and the implants are fixed. Several appointments may be needed till the implants get completely healed.
  • The implants and bone will fuse together over the next two to six months to build anchors for your new teeth. The implants will subsequently be exposed, the temporary healing caps (or temporary teeth) removed, and the abutments attached. Following this surgery, your gums will be allowed to recover for a few weeks.

Finally, full bridges or full dentures created to replicate your natural teeth will be attached to the abutments.
After a short time, you will experience restored confidence in your smile and your ability to chew and speak normally.

Where To Get A Full Mouth Dental Implant Done? 

Getting a dental implant is a thrilling experience that is not only visually pleasing but also extremely beneficial. It is usually preferable to get your teeth inspected by an experienced dentist.

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