Introduction: Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment, also known as endodontic therapy, is a dental procedure
designed to save and repair a severely infected or damaged tooth. The procedure
involves removing the infected or inflamed pulp from the tooth’s interior, cleaning and
disinfecting the root canals, and sealing them to prevent further infection

Is Root Canal Treatment Painful?

The anticipation of pain often deters individuals from seeking root canal treatment.
However, advancements in dental technology and anaesthesia techniques have
transformed the root canal experience into a relatively painless procedure. While you
may experience some mild discomfort post-treatment, it is typically manageable
with over-the-counter pain relievers.

How Much Time Is Required For the Treatment?

The duration of a root canal procedure can vary depending on various factors,
including the complexity of the case and the number of affected roots. On average, a
standard root canal treatment at Park Dental Clinic typically ranges from one to two

Is Capping Must After Root Canal?

Following a root canal procedure, the treated tooth may require additional protection
and reinforcement to restore its strength and functionality. While not every tooth
undergoing root canal therapy necessitates a dental cap or crown, it is often
recommended for teeth that are extensively decayed or structurally compromised.

Post-Procedure Care and Recovery:

1) Avoiding chewing on the treated tooth until the permanent restoration, such
as a dental crown, is placed.

2) Maintaining good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing regularly to prevent
bacterial buildup.

3) Attending follow-up appointments as scheduled to monitor healing progress
and ensure optimal outcomes.

4) Reporting any persistent pain, swelling, or unusual symptoms to your dentist


Once dreaded for its perceived pain and discomfort, has evolved into a routine and highly effective procedure for preserving natural teeth. Take the first step towards a healthier smile by scheduling your consultation with Park Dental Clinic today, and let us help you regain confidence in your dental health journey.

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