Tooth Extraction 

Tooth Extraction Procedure

Sometimes, depending on the condition of the cracked tooth, Tooth Extraction may be the only solution to relieve the discomfort and prevent infection.

Tooth pulling is a very convenient and affordable procedure at Park Dental Clinic, Dwarka Delhi.

Types of Tooth Extraction


Simple tooth extraction are usually performed on teeth

that are visible in the mouth and are usually done under local anesthesia.  


Surgical Tooth Pulling procedures or oral surgeries are performed when the tooth cannot be easily accessed.

This happens when the tooth has not fully erupted or when the tooth has been broken under the gumline.  

Benefits of Tooth Extraction


Some causes of dental pain are apparent such as lodged material or tooth decay and can be easily fixed.

Many times, you may have developed an infection that has reached the roots of the teeth. If left untreated,

it causes enormous pain to the patient. In case of severe infection,

dental extraction becomes the only way to provide relief.


A tooth infection can spread rapidly and make it difficult to treat leading

to more complications and more dental procedures.

Delaying the treatment prolongs the patient’s discomfort. When the damage is severe

and irreversible, dental extraction becomes the only solution available.


Dentists make an effort to avoid the spread of the cavity

or infection to the other teeth in the vicinity.

Many patients delay the trip to the dentist till it is too late

and the disease has already infected the other teeth.

This leads to further dental treatment and more complicated procedures.

The patient may end up losing more than one tooth.

tooth pulling needs to be done on time to prevent

the spread of infection to the other teeth, surrounding tissues, and bones as well.

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