About Dental Implants

A dental implant is a screw made of titanium that is fixed in your jawbone to replace a missing tooth root. The titanium in the screw fuses with your jawbone which allows it to function just like a normal tooth. They won’t slip, emit noises, or cause any bone damage with the added benefit of not decaying like your regular teeth.

They are the perfect solution for you if you have missing teeth or you don’t want to wear dentures.

What is the surgery like?

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Dental implant surgery is a routine procedure and thousands of them are performed annually. There is no reason to be scared or anxious about the procedure!

Before the surgery, a thorough examination is done of the patient’s mouth and medical history to determine if the patient is medically fit to undergo the procedure. Your dentist will inform you of your treatment plan before the surgery itself.

Anesthesia will be administered to the patient before commencing the procedure. There are several different phases involved. The damaged tooth will have to be extracted, grafting will be performed if necessary, the implant will be placed, bone healing, abutment placement, and placement of the artificial tooth. Grafting is only performed if the jawbone is too weak or soft to support the implant, During the surgery, the oral surgeon makes a cut to expose the bone. Some holes are drilled where the dental implant post will be placed. This post acts like an artificial tooth root and will need to be implanted deep into the bone. A period of healing is required to allow the jawbone to fuse with the implant. After this, additional surgery may be required to fix the abutment where the crown will eventually be attached.

This step can also be completed when the implant is placed, but some patients complain about it being visible and unattractive as it extends past the gum line. After the abutment is placed, 2 weeks of healing is required before the artificial tooth can be fixed.

The final step is fixing your artificial tooth/teeth. Impressions are taken of your entire mouth and are used to make the crown. You have a choice between fixed or removable teeth. It’s better to ask your dentist which option is more suitable for you.


Discomforts after the surgery are similar to those associated with other forms of surgery. You might experience swelling or bruising of your face and gums, minor pain, and bleeding at the implant site. Sometimes, antibiotics and painkillers are prescribed to prevent infections and manage pain symptoms. Your dentist will tell you to eat soft foods until the stitches dissolve to speed up the healing process.

It is important to always keep your implants clean, just like your regular teeth. An interdental toothbrush is recommended for effective cleaning. Get regular check-ups with your dentist and get your teeth professionally cleaned at regular intervals. Finally, avoid biting hard items which can damage your teeth.

The Best Dental Implant Clinic and Doctor?

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