Save The Natural Tooth-Our First Aim

November 8, 2021 0 Comments

Tooth decay needs to be treated immediately else there is a risk of bacteria reaching the nerve and causing infection. This infection can be painful and cause damage to the entire set of teeth. 

At Park Dental Clinic, we offer a very effective Root Canal Treatment to save the natural tooth from being removed. There is no real alternative to root canal treatment. We use world-class technology like Apex Locators and Rotary Endodontics so that you get the most precise and efficient treatment possible. If you have a past experience of failed root canal treatment, you can get it treated at Park Dental Clinic and experience the difference.

How Does it feel ?

Root canal treatment is considered painful and depending on the degree of infection the treatment may require one or more sessions for completion. The patient may feel mild discomfort for 24-48 hours after the treatment. At Park Dental Clinic we use high precision technology to eliminate the possibility of any relapse. Once we are certain that the infection is completely treated, we introduce the permanent filling. Local anesthesia is used in the treatment and precautions need to be taken for the next few hours.


Save the natural tooth

We believe in saving your natural tooth and do everything we can.  At Park Dental Clinic we recommend Root Canal Treatment over dental implants, whenever possible.

Goodbye Toothache

The minimal pain involved in the Root Canal treatment helps you get rid of the unbearable pain caused otherwise. At Park Dental Clinic, we are focused on giving you a relatively painless experience.

Smile Better

Root Canal Treatment can fix aesthetic issues that may arise due to decay, crack etc. At Park Dental Clinic, we help you improve the quality of your smile.

Heal their Smile

A tooth infection can spread and affect the overall health of the body. If untreated, the infection can spread to the gums and even the other parts of the body. At Park Dental Clinic, we use Root Canal treatment to address this issue.

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