Parth Gautam

October 17, 2022 0 Comments

very caring.She is very well experienced and explains the problem with complete clarity and eloquence.I had excruciating tooth ache like I took 10 pain killers in a single night.A previous dentist had suggested me dental implant but I was not satisfied with his explanation.Dr Neetu Singh with her dental experience saved my natural tooth by performing RCT.During the RCT,she found infection in adjacent tooth.So both my RCTs were performed with atmost perfection and care.After that seeing my tooth structure she suggested me zirconia crown for one tooth and E -Max crown for the other.Both the crowns suited me extremely well and I am completely satisfied.The kind of excruciating pain I had was unbearable but Dr Neetu Singh performed my RCT with extreme care and perfection.I will always go to her for my dental treatment and would recommend her to all.