Teeth Whitening

In the previous blog, we talked about why teeth whitening is important. This blog will highlight the different types of whitening recommended by dentists and explain the entire procedure in detail. Teeth whitening is certainly recommended by us if you want a dazzling smile and a boost in confidence.

While all of us are born with a beautiful set of milk teeth, they are just temporary teeth until our adult teeth are ready to erupt. Once this happens, our permanent teeth handle the workload until we’re senior citizens.

Therefore, we must make sure that we give them the care they deserve through teeth whitening. Park Dental Clinic is the best dental clinic in Dwarka sec7 for your teeth whitening needs. We have explained some of the various options you can choose along with the procedure involved when you visit us.

Tooth polishing

Tooth polishing is part of many routine teeth whitening procedures. We use a special polishing tool and apply a paste on your teeth to remove any visible staining on them. However, there is a downside. Polishing is only useful for removing exogenous stains (visible to the naked eye). Endogenous staining (or staining on the internal layer of the tooth) cannot be remedied with this technique.

Hydrogen Peroxide

To deal with stains under the surface of the teeth, hydrogen peroxide is a wonderful option. This chemical substance penetrates the tooth surface and gives your teeth a lighter shade. When combined with another chemical called potassium nitrate, the substance will clean your teeth on the outside and the inside while also reducing teeth sensitivity, strengthening the enamel, and preventing cavities. We apply this red colour substance on your teeth for some time and carefully remove it once a certain amount of time has elapsed.

Whitening Gel

We also have a special whitening gel. This gel is placed on the teeth and is activated by ultraviolet light. It is incredibly quick and effective thanks to the latest technology and machinery available at Park Dental Clinic in Dwarka.

Laser Whitening

Modern machinery allows us to use laser technology to whiten your teeth. Another innovation is the laser teeth whitening machine. We apply a hydrogen peroxide gel on your teeth and use the laser to heat and activate the bleaching gel. The results can be seen in just a few minutes. However, as lasers are used, we understand that there is a need to be careful. This is why we apply a liquid barrier gel on the gum line as a safety precaution to prevent damage and weakening of gums.

Best Dentist in Dwarka


Which Dental Clinic Is the Best for Teeth Whitening?

Without a doubt, Park Dental Clinic in Dwarka sec7 is the best for all your teeth whitening needs. Dr. Neetu Singh is one of the best dentists in Dwarka and she has over 14 years of expertise in dentistry.

Her knowledge and drive to provide the best services to her patients make her a true specialist in the field. At Park Dental Clinic, we strive to be the best dental clinic in Dwarka. We spare no expense in making sure that all your teeth are nice and spotless so that you can smile like a model in every picture/selfie that you take.

We will ensure that your teeth are in good hands throughout the entire procedure and we know you will be proud of your teeth after we make them shine. Visit us at Park Dental Clinic in Dwarka and find out why we are the best experts for your teeth!

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