The Link Between Food and Oral Hygiene

It is not a hidden fact how crucial food habits are when it comes to maintaining oral health and hygiene.

There is one saying ‘You are what you eat’ and the best place to see it is our mouth.

Foods and beverages can cause plaque build-up, which can have serious health effects on your teeth. 

Plaque is a bacteria-filled sticky film that leads to gum problems and tooth decay.

Sugary snack or meals causes the bacteria to discharge acids that attack tooth enamel.

When the enamel gives way, cavities can form. Complications related to cavities are pain, problems related to chewing, and tooth sores. 

Foods To Be Avoided:

  1. Alcoholic Beverages:
    Alcoholic drinks decrease saliva production in the mouth, resulting in a dry mouth.
    Saliva is vital for protecting the teeth from acidic content. It is important for washing away food particles after meals. Lower production of saliva makes teeth more vulnerable to infections.
  2. Tea and Coffee:
    Tea and coffee consumption leads to discoloration of teeth into brown and yellow stains. It contains sugar which poses a further threat to teeth enamel. Sugar helps the bacteria to grow, paving the way for other oral diseases.
  3. Sticky Candies:
    Candy tends to reside longer in the mouth before it can dissolve. It lasts for as long as 10 minutes in the mouth, giving enough time for the sugar to be taken into your teeth and gums. If candy particles get stuck between the teeth and are not removed using floss or a brush, they are surely going to develop into cavities.
  4. Oranges and Lemons:
    Food items rich in citric acid are the primary drivers of tooth decay and enamel erosion. People obsessed with orange or lemon juice, try not to expose their teeth to strong acids extensively. The use of water in between consumption helps to get it washed away into the system.
  5. Dry Fruits:
    Dry fruits have the tendency to get stuck in between the spaces of the teeth. If you eat dry fruit on a regular basis, chances are there a lot of particles will get stuck in your teeth. Flossing is an ideal solution.
  6. Tomatoes:
    It comes as a big surprise that tomatoes are on the list of bad foods for the teeth. The hard reality is that it is acidic in nature which is detrimental when eaten raw or in sauce. It can be used as an ingredient in dishes, but anything in excess is always bad. If it is used please rinse your mouth properly after usage.
  7. Potato Chips:
    Unless you rinse your mouth or floss thoroughly, potato chips’ mushy texture and starch content will remain trapped between the teeth for hours, causing harm to both your teeth and gums.
  8. White Bread:
    When you consume white bread, the starch content is broken down into sugar in the saliva. This transforms the bread into a sticky substance that stays with the teeth and gums causing infections.
  9. Popcorn: gets stuck in your teeth and facilitates in production of massive amounts of bacteria. Those crunchy kernels at the bottom of the container can also contain sharp hulls which can crack the teeth or result in gum cuts.
  10. Pickles:
    Pickles are the worst enemy of a tooth. Mixing vinegar and veggies surely increases the taste quotient but the presence of strong acidic vinegar poses serious danger to the teeth. In the absence of proper oral hygiene, enamel erosion is quite impossible to stop.

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  11. Sports Drinks:
    After a workout, you may be tempted to down a sports drink to quench your thirst.
    These drinks are acidic and tend to be viscous, allowing the liquid to get stuck on the teeth for quite a while.  Water is a much better choice for refueling after working out.
  12. Crackers:
    Crackers seem pretty harmless and are the snack choice for many of us – young and older.  If eaten in small quantities, crackers are a fine snack food. They are refined carbohydrates, high consumption leads to inflammation. Inflammation is the culprit in many chronic diseases, including periodontitis and gingivitis.

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